Choose breakfast that will be delivered to your room.

How it works?
  • Select menu when making your reservation

  • Choose a time when we should deliver

  • Breakfast is served at selected times

  • Payment will be added to the room invoice

  • Enjoy your breakfast

How it works?

Order a day in advance by email, phone or report when booking online.

Breakfast menu

The price for breakfast menu A, B, C is 4,00 €, breakfast menu 1, 2, 3 is 5,50€.

Menu A

Sweet breakfast
(bread, jam, honey, butter, apple/ banana)

Menu B

(yogurt (fruit), 2x butter croissant, apple/ banana)

Menu C

(treska (cod fish salad), bread, apple / banana)

Menu 1

Ham and cheese plate
(ham, cheese, vegetables, fried egg, butter, bread)

Menu 2

Sausages, ham and eggs
(2 pieces of sausages, ham and eggs, mustard, bread)

Menu 3

Cheese and vegetables plate
(cheese, vegetables, scrambled eggs with onion, bread)